A vision for provisioning.

New hires. Relocations. Transfers. Promotions. Terminations. Then there are mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, downsizing and other business realities. Together, they make it difficult to create and manage user accounts while controlling and managing access to critical information. That’s because users often fulfill a number of different job functions at specific times during their career. And it’s why a total health care provisioning solution has to address both productivity and compliance. >>>>

TAIM lightens your load with provisioning processes that provide proper access to IT and enterprise resources. Our solutions include resilient provisioning policies that automate tedious, administration-intensive tasks such as creating, modifying and disabling access. It’s an approach that not only provides efficiency and savings, it ensures security policy is enforced, a critical component of regulatory compliance.

That’s why Tirion is your source for developing provisioning policy, automated creating, modifying and disabling solutions and policy enforcement for regulatory compliance.


Did you know implementing a user provisioning system could change your employees’ perception of how seriously you value security?