Taking a leading role in improving efficiency and compliance.

A role is a set of access rights to resources and data related to a specific business function. Roles help organizations deploy user provisioning or measure access compliance across platforms because they can simplify security policy administration and enforcement. But, while roles make provisioning and measurement easier, they can be very complex to manage. >>>>

TAIM’s Role Management Module makes it easy to create and manage roles over their full lifecycle and across platforms. With it, you can define role models for Identity Management and automated provisioning, review existing role models, adapt role models to adjust to new business changes, implement role approval and privilege rectification campaigns and introduce ongoing role management business processes. The Module also provides you with analysis tools to see how your roles are used and their impact on security policy and segregation of duty conflicts. It’s simple. At Tirion, our role is to make managing your IT easier.


Did you know implementing a user provisioning system could change your employees’ perception of how seriously you value security?