Portals: your gateway to the future of MMIS.

How do you make a portal that offers easy access to a virtual MMIS yet still maintain safety, privacy and security?

TAIM offers portal technology that gives you complete control over who’s allowed into the system and what they’re allowed to do.  Our solutions offer complete connectivity through today’s Internet standards, as well as wireless connections and associated protocols.  The system also features single sign on technology, as well as advanced authorization modules that determine user access.  For security, all information is encrypted and logged to ensure privacy.  Finally, TAIM transforms data from one format into another, allowing users to share information easily and efficiently. >>>>

As HIPAA transactions and code sets are now the industry standard, it’s essential to create a portal that interfaces with not only MMIS but with other payer or health care systems.  In addition, by simplifying and standardizing transaction over a standard Internet portal, companies can realize savings and improved communications over both internal and external networks.  TAIM’s advanced features and tools are the perfect way to unlock all the benefits a portal has to offer.






HIPAA calls for civil and criminal penalties for privacy and security violations: Up to $25K for multiple violations of the same standard in a calendar year; and fines up to $250K and/or 10 years imprisonment for knowing misuse of individually identifiable health information.