The smarter way to exchange information.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) allows your enterprise to electronically share information internally as well as with other businesses, organizations, government entities and other groups. Using EDI standards to send and receive documents can save your organization thousands of dollars every month, eliminate data entry time and reduce costly errors. >>>>

TAIM supports HL7, HIPAA and all other X12 format, EDIFACT, and proprietary formats of EDI transactions.  This allows your organization to exchange data with multiple trading partners without maintaining multiple file formats because TAIM automatically converts data for you.

Rely on TAIM to handle these critical health care transactions:
X12 837 – all claim formats
X12 835 – remittance advice
X12 270/271 – eligibility request / response
X12 276/277 – claim status request/response
X12 820 – Premium Payment
X12 834 – Benefit enrollment

Tirion’s EDI solution also provides excellent tracking of the documents within each data batch. Individual documents are identified and tracked through the Tirion translation process and key information is stored for reporting to ensure the integrity of your data is maintained throughout the EDI transmission to all trading partners. So your information is safe and secure.


Tirion gives you Single Sign-On access to multiple systems across different hardware and software technologies.